Tuesday, May 22, 2012

two things

I'm sorry for the unannounced blogging break.
last week, I kept trying to get to the computer.
and it never happened. so by Thursday, I just went with it.
it was needed, it was good.

but I miss the community here.
the sweet women who share lives and hearts.
1. She Reads Truth
and speaking of sweet women on the internet.
if you've been on twitter or facebook, or reading blogs you may have noticed a hashtag
going around and lots of commotion.

WELL, it's a bunch of women connecting and reading the Word together.
it was an idea formed by Gussy and Kacia, but dozens of women have joined in and you should too.
We're using the YouVersion bible app (for iphone, ipod and just online!) and reading through the Soul Detox plan.
today's officially day 6, but join! you'll be enouraged and refreshed.

this is what social media was really made for.

2. No School
I'm still officially on school break until summer school starts on June 4th. I'm soaking it up.
Lots of shop work, lots of running, and lots of enenings with the husband instead of studying.
it's looked wonderfully like this:

so that's it.
i'm back. i miss community.
#shereadstruth is real online community.
and i'm soaking up the days until June 4.


  1. Wow.. shereadstruth sounds amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've been loving the #shereadstruth community...such a blessing!

  3. I am reading the Soul Detox with #shereadstruth! (: Also I blogged about it and commented it back to you (:

  4. hey girl!! just tweeted you too =) as one of the winners of the adspace earlier today, i just wanted to stop by your blog and say hey. i am actually glad i did... ive been so encourage by all the #shereadstruth posts, but had no idea what it was about... i already have a youversion account, so thx for explaining, i def want to hook up now with the soul detox!! love it..
    so nice to meet you!! =)


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