Tuesday, August 16, 2011

beach recap

our three day beach vacation was exactly the kind of rest I had hoped it would be.
relaxing, restful.
i read Heaven is for real.  and got chills many times; it's crazy good.
and started (and am halfway though 1,000 gifts)
that book will get its own post.

have grace on my appearance, friends.  I was a burnt lobster at the beach.

now we are back to reality. 

Monday morning came with a surprise that I will be the head mentor of a college girl from Denmark that is here for two weeks volunteering.
Pray for me friends, I am selfish with my time and don't always want to teach.


  1. Your trips sounds relaxing!! I'll be praying for your mentor position!

  2. Looks like fun, I love the beach :)

  3. so glad you had fun! but not that you got burnt. that is no fun. i know from experience.

    can't wait to hear the 1000 gifts post. it's on my nook, just waiting to be read!


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