Friday, August 19, 2011

for all you E lovers

happy friday morning.
today in blogland one of my favorite blogs is having a giveaway.
and it's great.

her name is E, and part of her giveaway includes one of my necklaces.
which, I happen to think is totes adorbs.
if you don't know E, you should head over to E TELLS TALES
and see what I am talking about

or, if you are here from the giveaway
and really eying that necklace
I am here to say that you can just go buy it
with the coupon code
 ETELLSTALES for 20% off.

or, if you aren't here from E's blog,
but still want to use the coupon.
go ahead
i won't tell

there is something fun for everyone here.
it's friday.

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