Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the first day of school

today begins the first day in this new journey.
it's my first day of school.
class is from 530-830 tonight, and again on thursday.

i am so excited and pumped to begin.
i am one of those people who loves school, loves learning, and can't wait to return.
i know the Lord has led us to nursing school, and I am truly ready to begin this new adventure.
i am so thankful the Lord gave direction as to where to go back to school and what to pursue.

we had talked about doing a PhD in research, and then the idea of nursing started to come into the picture.  for us, nursing provides more freedom to be able to live where we want.  with research, we are more tied to Houston (and the research that goes on in the med center).  With nursing, we have more flexibility with choosing where to live.  we want to eventually be closer to our families (who are in Austin and Fort Worth).  it's also a much shorter program, and not as intensive.  as much as I love research and where I am now, I am excited to become a nurse.

but sometimes, the fear creeps in.
it is a little intimidating. and I am concerned about learning to balance work and school
and the needs of a husband.
we want to pay our way through, and not borrow. i know the Lord will provide. 
i want to work as long as I can, and I know the Lord will provide.

I'm trusting the Lord. He led us to this decision,
and He will walk with me through each class.through each payment, through each semester.

i have my backpack ready,
new pens and pencils and new notebooks.
i'm going back to school 

maybe i'll post my first day of school picture tomorrow.


  1. Good for you! I have those kinda night classes too. They can go on forever! Good luck :)

  2. Good luck tonight, sweet friend! I'll say a prayer for your new adventure!


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