Monday, August 1, 2011

Good Morning!

Happy Monday friends. 
The husband is back, so this monday is less scary than others.
 We had a great, refreshing weekend.
That included a 3 hour nap on Saturday.
followed by a date.

 and pinterest helped me have fun hair.
and I got back on the bandwagon and got a good run in yesterday with the hubs.
in the 100 degree heat.  

Today I am over at my new friend Hannah's blog.
If you are bummed this Monday because you didn't win anything.
head over there for a sweet surprise!

Go find me at Hannah's place.

and remember to smile today, because soon enough, Monday will be over, and it won't be that bad after all.


  1. New follower here, thanks to Hannah! Your rosettes are so great!! I'll be hosting my first ever giveaway tomorrow so please visit my blog :)

  2. Where did you find that hair style on Pinterest? I want to check that out! I have found mostly home decorating stuff

  3. Very cute hair!! Glad you were able to have a good weekend with your hubs. I'm running a 5K in Nov. & I've never ran!!! Well, you know, I've ran but never RAN! Make sense?? I'll be starting the C25K soon. Wish me luck!

  4. thanks for leaving a comment on my sister megan's blog ( she doesn't get a ton of traffic and your recent comment made her day!


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