Wednesday, August 10, 2011

things for the beach

this weekend is our family vacation to Galveston.
my second father (FIL) has rented a beach house with 5 rooms!  5 rooms!
and we will all be joining for some time away, and sweet time together.
i'm calling it battershell beach blast.
because that's cute.
and i'm still in love with my new last name.

I am so excited.  SO SO excited.  I have the day off on Friday,
and since we can't get to the beach house until 3ish anyway,
I have an eye dr appt that morning.
I love the eye dr.
I love the click click noise as they give you option 1 or 2.
I love the smell.
The eye dr is my favorite dr.

So Friday is looking up.  (and this post was not supposed to be about the eye dr, but I will let you see my new glasses when I get them).

this post is supposed to be about beach things.
all the things I am looking forward to doing at the beach.

I am trying to finish HP this week so I can start a new book this weekend. 
don't get me wrong, HP has been awesome.
but I 'm ready to know the ending and move on.

some of the contenders for beach weekend are:

I have heard so much good about both of these. 

a perfect beach weekend is some time outside and a good book.  what do you think? which of these should I read?


  1. I always thought i was the weird one b/c i loved going to the eye dr, now i know i'm not alone!

  2. I've read The Help & loved it. Have a great time at the beach!

  3. I can't wait to hear what you think of the end of HP! Did you see the movies? I was a little disappointed with the very last movie.

  4. I just got The Help, my mom really liked it!

  5. They are both SO good! If you are wanting to read something that will actually impact your life, One Thousand Gifts is the way to go. Can't rave on it enough!

  6. I have heard nothing but good things about The Help and the movie is out so you could go see that when you get back!

  7. they're both on my 'to read' list. i think 'one thousand gifts' is probably an amazing book that will truly impact your life in a great way. but 'the help' is probably much more suited for a weekend beach read!

  8. wow love this :) the help was sooo good! You should check out my giveaway I'm having on my blog to win a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow compact :)


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