Monday, August 29, 2011

we're all in this together

we spent this past weekend in Austin, seeing two of our friends get married.
it was wonderful, and beautiful.  the wedding was Sunday at 11.  I can't think of a better way to go to to church.

during the wedding, I was reminded of how surrounded we are.
by friends, family, and those who love and support us.
not only on the day we promise forever to our spouses.
but in the everyday. the hard days. the I hate my job days.

here in Houston we are separate from our families.
and it's easy to get discouraged when we are alone.
but this weekend was sweet time to know that we have people fighting with us.
praying for us.  knowing our joys and our hurts with us.

we are in a place right now that's uncomfortable.
we are in the midst of a change.
i will share more later, but for know, just know that we appreciate your support and encouragement.

we're all in this together.
and we are clinging to each other.

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