Monday, March 26, 2012


...I'm listening to Fun. it's so summer-y and happy. perfect for transitioning into summer.


...I'm still on a high from a wonderful date this weekend with my man. Grotto was wonderful, but that time with my man is so much sweeter

...I woke up this  morning from the craziest dream. crazy weird. something that would never happen, but involves people I know in real life. It's got me in a weird funk.

...enjoying my new iphone 4s. I fell at work with a power outage/generator failure/ smoke and fire. this is what happened to my iphone4. so sad.

...and on that note, today was a crazy monday.
we stared the day with no power, and the day ended up including
electrical fire
no power
3 hours outside
much monopoly played on a coworker's ipad
and a office-wide field trip to a restaurant down the street.

needless to say, I'm glad monday's over. 

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  1. same thing happened to my iphone on saturday! dropped it and the screen cracked! thank G for insurance, i just got my new phone today but geeeeez that was an expensive mistake!


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