Thursday, March 8, 2012

i run because

You may or may not know me as a runner.
I haven't always been this way--it's really just been a few years that I've been running.
There's not always time for it, I don't always feel like it,
but it's one of the best things I do for myself.

Love this quote!

I run because I have to
I run because I like to
I run because I'll either be sore or sorry the next day
I run to eat
I run to sweat
I run to hear my heart pound in my ears
I run because it's cheaper than therapy
I run because I'm a runner
I run instead of doing chores
I run because it's hard
I run because it's easy
I run to prove something
I run to be proud
I run because I want to be fast
I run because I want to be skinny
I run because I want to be strong
I run because life is stressful
I run because work is stressful
I run because it's cheaper than shopping
I run for the scenery
I run because I see things differently
I run from doubt, self hate, and fear
I run because I really really really like dessert
I run because it's quiet
I run because there will be a day when I can't run
I run because I'm busy
I run because the stronger I am, the better I feel

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