Tuesday, March 6, 2012

weekly management

you may have noticed, i've been absent.
i call it working a full time job and taking two classes.
and running a small etsy shop.

but whatever, we're all busy.

I read this on TheTinyTwig's blog and it struck my heart:

"Shame is a symptom of your own graceless life.  Resentment is a symptom of gracelessness for others.  Neither is healthy, both will surely corrode your soul."

In this busy time, I can feel so much shame for not getting everything done.
and resentment at others for not understanding, not helping, etc.
and I feel the corrosion happening. 

so after some loving encouragement from my husband, I'm learning
I've let go of the laundry (he's doing all of it!)
and he's cooking a meal each week.
 it may seem small, and it may be something you've mastered
but for me, managing all this can be overwhelming.
but this is my story, and my portion for now.
and so while I don't blog as often as I like, 
I still want to tell this story.


but I want to know: what all do you have going on?  how do you manage it?
what do you choose to let go of?

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  1. This is so so needed!!! I can't imagine doing school and being married. It's enough for me to take care of myself!! It's so hard to let go of things we think we "should handle", but there are those few, sweet souls that will help us when we need it. Sounds like you've got one of those. :)


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