Tuesday, March 13, 2012

strength that does nothing

for a few weeks I've been doing things on my own strength
trying and flailing on my own
coming up short and frustrated
arrogantly living without Jesus in the everyday
living in a state of prayerlessness and thanklessness 
counting on my own strength
strength that does nothing

but even when I'm an arrogant sinner
slapping Jesus in the face by saying 
"I don't need to spend time with you today, I'm just too busy"

He keeps luring me back, wooing me to himself
a love story perfect in every way.
a God full of grace.

my friend Jessi made this print and posted it for sale in her etsy shop, (go buy it from her!)
and it's just what my heart is learning.
He is my anchor, even when my soul is prone to wander.

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  1. Love this. I could write this so many days... by the way, your posts aren't showing up in my dashboard lately. :(


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