Wednesday, March 14, 2012

key pieces I'm loving

remember how I cried on Sunday about that outfit? (like a long time ago)
and I was working on my wardrobe.
well, here's what I've got so far.

For inspiration, I have taken to reading a couple of blogs daily--
these bloggers are so sweet and have great tips for real girls like me to get dressed!

  • Audrey at Putting Me Together has a great blog and awesome outfit pictures. She even links some of her items to the places you can buy them! 
  •   Merrick at Merrick's Art is about the cutest girl you will ever see. She has GREAT refashion tutorials to take some of your so-so items in your closet and make them your favorite pieces!
I talked about reading the "No Brainer Wardrboe" a while back, and now I'm halfway through
and I've made a list of some key pieces I want to add to my wardrobe
it'll be a slow process, and I'm hoping to find some at thrift stores, 
but I'm on my way to having a much better (and easier) wardrboe!

and I've come away seeing a few key pieces that need to get added to my wardrobe.

1. A blazer. My husband has preached this idea to me for a while now, but I'm finally on board.

2. Blouses. I have virtually no blouses. All t's and button downs.

3. A yellow cardigan. I have a million (well, 7) cardigans and not one of them is yellow.

4. A blue or chambray button down. So versatile

5. Skinny or colored jeans--doubling all the ways I can wear my tops!