Friday, March 16, 2012

if you asked me..

...I would tell you that I'm so frustrated and clueless with how to fix this blogger RSS thing. Are my posts showing up in  your reader? How are you getting here? And does ANYONE know how I might fix this? 

...I would tell you that I am excited to have a weekend here in Houston just Sam and me.  It will include lots of watching Lost, (we just started...a bit late, but are COMPLETELY addicted), staying in pajamas,
and maybe a little thrift store and old navy shopping to pick up those key pieces!

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...I would tell you that spring break flew by way too fast. Just going to work was such a nice relief.

...I would tell you I am currently obsessed with a few things
  1. the band Fun. bought the cd, it's on repeat. oh, and they will be in Houston next Tuesday.
  2. fruit and fruit dip. marshmallow fluff and cream cheese--mix in equal parts. you're welcome
...I would tell you I went running yesterday and this change of seasons does my heart so much good. Fresh air, wind in the face, and I feel like a new person. I'm ready to welcome spring.


  1. YAY I can see your posts!! I agree that spring break went by way too fast. :( And I also add an individual container of strawberry yogurt to my fruit dip! LOVE it!

  2. It showed up for me too!! Yay!!


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