Monday, December 19, 2011

anniversary weekend

this week I'll be posting just a few times.
I hope you disconnect too and spend some time with your family.
I'll catch you after Christmas.

this past weekend was our anniversary.
I honestly can't believe it has been a year.
it has flown by so fast.
it's been such a blessing.
such a gift.

and so we celebrated big.
 we started the morning with sleeping in, coffee, and cards.
and Sam suprised me with the Justin Bieber Christmas cd.
for which the lady at target made fun of him when he checked out.
but he still bought it for me.
that's love. 

so then we dressed up and took pictures of ourselves.
um, I'm married to him?
yes. so lucky. 

we had afternoon tickets to White Christmas.
so wonderful, and heartwarming.
and they had snow fall from the celiing at the end.

and best of all, GEORGE HW BUSH was at our show (they announced it at the beginning of the show!)
and since we ran out the door when it was over to get to our car,
we saw secret service load him into his car.
and he just smiled and waved at all of us.
I realized I have never seen a past/present president.

we stayed at the Magnolia hotel downtown Houston.
it was beautiful. 

the next series of pictures I was attemping a "predinner" picture.
it didn't really happen.

we ate at the  best steak house I have ever been to.
and spent more on a meal than I have ever spent.
and they brought us chocolate cake with "happy anniversary" written in chocolate.
um. delicious. 

I can't believe I have had the honor of being your wife for a whole year.
This year has been so filled. I have learned so much. I have been so blessed to be by your side each day. I love you so much more today than I did a year ago. I can't wait for the next 70 years. 


  1. So precious, Lauren. I am so glad that you got to celebrate the memory of that special day and that life long commitment!! I wish you many more happy years!!

  2. Awww, Happy Anniversary!! Aren't those meals wonderful since you rarely ever have them? That is so exciting about seeing Pres. Bush. I like Biebs too but his version of Little Drummer Boy disturbs me.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Lauren! Hope your day was extra special!

  4. Sounds awesome! We just celebrated our anniversary too, it was great!

  5. What a sweet post. Happy 1 year!!! Enjoy the time away from blogging and with loved ones :)


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