Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Holiday Hair

It's less than two weeks until Christmas. oh wow.
and with all of the celebrating going on, I like to get dressed up.
and part of getting dressed up is having fun hair
AND our anniversary is this weekend. um yes, this hair will be done like this. 
and I  love when I can do my own hair. free +pretty? yes please.

so, this all started from a pin I saw on pinterest:

but those little instructions weren't working for me.
I need a little more step by step.  yes?

SO, this is a small deviation on that hair. 
in iphone pictures.
and I love it.
and I hope you do too!

here we go. and don't mind me in my pajama top and no makeup. it was early.
 start by curling ALL of your hair.
I have so much (and it's thick) so I pull most of it up and curl it in layers.
hold your curling iron vertical. like me!
and I spay the curl with lots of hairspray before I take the curling iron out.

keep curling away friend.
it will take a while.
and use plenty of hairspray. 
my hair doesn't hold a curl. maybe you are lucky and yours does. then you don't have to use as much as me.

yay!  all hair is curled. 
you don't need to worry about curling the hair on the top of your head, 
just the ends.

pull your hair back into a ponytail.
i do mine on the lower right side of my head.
my husband was not up to help with these photos.
can you tell?
but you could really do your pony wherever you want it.

now, we twist and pin.
just take a small-ish section of your ponytail, grab it with your fingers, twist, and pin.
to pin, I think of a small bouncy ball on the back of my head, 
and try to make a "dome" around it.
so, I want to go "around the dome" at every angle.
from the top, sides, bottom.
i use a LOT of bobby pins for this. 

 some hair is starting to surround the "dome"
most is still in the ponytail.
just keep doing this until all of your ponytail is twisted and pinned around your "dome"

and in the end, it will look a bit like this:

fun for dates, holiday parties.
and just fun to do.

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