Friday, December 9, 2011

little things

I'm not even sure which little things we are on, but it doesn't really matter.
I'm linking up with aisle to aloha again, and you should too! 
here are some of the little things that i'm thankful for!  


1. one more class, one more final until freedom. 

2.  Cold weather, coats, and scarves! In Texas, (and especially in Houston) there is limited amount of time we can wear our festive winter accessories. I plan to take full advantage of that.

3. Getting lost in books.  I love reading, and as the semester draws to a close, I have lots more time to read.  And, when it's cold outside, a hot cup of coffee, soft blanket, and good book are the perfect combination!

4. I'm home sick today, but so thankful for the day in my jammies to lay around. 

5. Our Christmas cards are in the mail! We didn't send any last year, since we had only been married a week, but this year we did and I love them! 

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And, you still have until Tuesday to get your order by Christmas! 


  1. very very cute xmas card!!! and you can wear a scarf no matter where you live!!

  2. I love that Christmas card, it's adorable!

    Also, I hope you get better soon.

    Stopping by from It's The Little Things link up. :)

  3. so is #4 that day of rest you spoke of?

  4. Love scarfs! Want to wear them every single day during the winter! I've been getting lost in books too!

    Stopping by from the little things link up!

  5. Your Christmas cards are so pretty! I love them!

    I have been dying for the semester to end so I could sit down and read, too. What's on your list to read over break? I'm always looking for recommendations!


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