Monday, December 12, 2011

dipped in gold

no pretty pictures today, just what's on my heart

this season sparkles.
there is so much pretty, so much to buy.
gold and red and green lights sparkle.
tempt our wallets, tempt our hears to focus on something other than Jesus

but just because it sparkles, just because it's dipped in gold, it's not better

Jesus is better
Jesus is why we celebrate.

but I'm guilty too.
I see the things and I want
I see those who have more and my ugly jealous heart rears its head

so I'm praying I keep my eyes on Jesus
that Jesus would turn my eyes to Him
and seeing the babe in the manger, and the reason He came
I would celebrate.


  1. This is beautiful girl. And so very true. It's a lovely reminder to ALL of us ... about what is most important around this time of year (and anytime of the year, really).

    Thanks for sharing what's on your heart :)



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