Friday, December 16, 2011

ten little things

hi friends! Happy friday morning!
Today I'm linking up with E tells tales for a fun week recap. 
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1. I'm off today! Hooray. It will be full of running, pedicures, and reading. an altogether perfect day. I'm going to take my essie "Matte about you" and have them use it. Get pumped people, my nails will look like this:

2. Our anniversary is Sunday and we're celebrating big time this weekend.  Downtown hotel, seeing White Christmas, and fancy dinner. I'm so pumped to celebrate with Sam!

3. I like Science Fiction/Fantasy novels.  I have now acknowledged that I truly am a geek.

4. I still need a $20ish stocking stuffer for Sam. Any good ideas? the only thing I can think of is itunes card.  maybe boring, but the man loves his music.

5.  My race is in like 4 weeks. make that 3. it's soon. um, big glup. I better get running.

6.Speaking of being a geek, does anyone else love big bang theory?  If I wasn't already married to Sam (and so in love with him) I would marry sheldon. I mean sheldor.

7. class is over!!!! I'm so thankful to have my Tuesday and Thursday nights back, and Sam's happy he gets real meals those days again.  Merry Christmas to me.

8. This picture makes me laugh so hard I might pee my pants.


9. I'm 5'2" and tall boots make my legs look like tree stumps. I've tried so many pairs of boots on, it's just so sad. I'm  stuck in bootlets forever. Unless, that is, I grow 3 inches. 

10.  It's in the 60's/70's here in Houston now. How am I supposed to celebrate Chritmas in the warm? 
It's just wrong.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I would love to celebrate in the warm! We could switch...even though we don't know each other or anything?
    I kid.
    #8 made me lol too.
    Stopping by from E's today ~

  2. Oh my gosh I'm dying over that picture! SO funny!

    And I also LOVE the big bang theory! I had a dream that Sheldon and I got married once - you and I have that in common haha!

  3. 1. happy anniversary
    2. love that math problem, and
    3. does the matt polish really look good? i always assumed it would look odd but have never seen it up close.

  4. i love big bang theory! and that candy bar picture made me laugh out loud.


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