Friday, December 2, 2011

little things

hi friends!  So glad we al made it to Friday!
the winner of the 1000 Gifts book giveaway is Becky! Check your email for a message from me!

this week has been a crazy week.  busy, scatterbrained, rushed.  Advent is upon us and I want to make time to deliberately celebrate Christ's coming in the midst of this. Because Jesus is worth celebrating.
 I hope you have little things that are helping you celebrate, too!

I'm linking up with Lindsay at Aisle to Aloha for the little things linkup today!
Aisle to Aloha


..........ALL Black Friday orders are out! and my kitchen table is now decorated for Christmas! This was a huge blessing.

............ Advent is here!! If you haven't seen this Folk Angel video about Advent, go watch it.

I'm praying this Advent season that I anticipate Christ. Not the events, not the "stuff", but that I sit in eager anticipation for what He does in my heart.

........... We're headed to Austin after work today to see my sister in law graduate.  It always feels good to be back in Austin.
Tower shines orange tonight

.......We started advent with Christmas cookie blue bell ice cream. Stellar Advent day one. If you haven't had Christmas Cookie ice cream, go get it.

.....THREE more days of class this semester! So thankful that my nights will be mine again!

......Our Advent calendar from Naptime Diaries is here, and it's GORGEOUS! I am so excited about celebrating all month long.

ignore my bad, 1am iphone picture.


what are your little things this week?


  1. Christmas Cookie ice cream?! I need this. Pronto :)

  2. yay for austin, blue bell and naptime diaries. those are some of my faves!!!

  3. My husband would go BANANAS over that ice cream... now the hunt to see if they sell it out here begins!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. @sandandstarfish--it's awesome. you need to find it.

    @arizona--they are the best things!

    @elizabeth--anyone in their right might would go crazy over it!

  5. That ice cream must be amazing. I keep seeing on Facebook that nobody can find it!

  6. yum! Christmas cookie ice cream! I'll have to try that!

    have a great weekend :)

  7. just stopped by from lindsay's blog! that ice cream sounds delicious!! thank you so much for sharing that video - it's awesome!!

  8. ICE CREAM!! :) That is definitely going on my little things list ;)

  9. @Traci--I found it at Kroger!

    @Amy--it's definitely worth a try!

    @Bonhomie--glad you liked the video, I think it's awesome.

    @Shepherd -- ice cream always goes on my list!


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