Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Garage sell finds

I have been wanting to find some lovely things at garage/estate sells
but the quality of the sells I have been to seems low; that is,
until this past weekend.

On Saturday morning, on my way home from my book club,
I stopped by a garage and estate sale, and found just what I have been looking for.

You may remember a while back I wanted to do this project. (credit pinterest)
Well, I still want to.  My heart has been wanting and I have been searching for some doilies.  And Saturday, the collection began. I was only able to find 2 (I didn't get to the sale as early as I had hoped), but for just a single dollar, I have started this project!

then, at the estate sale I found these neat cases.  We love mid century modern things, and these play into our style just perfectly

 and, inside, there are perfectly maintained and beautiful games! both game cases cost $5.
then, I stumbled upon these neat wood napkin rings for just a buck.they look like something I had seen at pottery barn, and will complement our navy and white gingham napkins wonderfully.
and the most exciting find of the day: 3 vintage coke bottles!  I had been eyeing this project on pinterest, but didn't want to spend the $8 to buy the izzie drinks.  3 bottles, $3.

these were the perfect buy to do this project!  I was thrilled.
after a little work, they are now like this!

i loved the finds i found at my sales.  i'll be going out again, for sure.


  1. Fun! If you ever want a shopping buddy, let me know! I really want to go antique store shopping some day...I have heard you can get really nice stuff there for not too much. Who knows, though.

  2. yay for yard sales! and estate sales! :)

    such great finds!

  3. garage sale finds are always so fun!


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