Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Houston Project

Last week our church participated in a city wide event to reach those who don't know Christ through other local churches and organizations.
Samuel and I participated and did VBS at a church only a few minutes from where we live.

it was exhausting.
it was relevant
we spoke truth to little kids.
we danced and sang
we made crafts
we ate lots and lots of sno cones

I was so moved at how much the spirit of the Lord was working in these kids! They were asking HUGE questions...such as "Are you born a Christian or do you have to become one?"  "Does being baptized make you a Christian?" and "Do you have to be a grown up to be a Christian?" were just a few of the things they asked.

with each questions I was so thankful that the Lord was using me to tell these little babies truth.  They hungered for truth; they desired to know, and I was amazed that I was being used in this situation. 

on Wednesday, a new brother in Christ was added to the Kingdom.  DeShawn (on the far right of the picture below) received Christ!  We laughed, rejoiced, and celebrated together. 

at the end of the week
my legs were sore like I had run a half marathon
i was running out of songs to make-up and sing
i fell asleep at 7pm on a Friday night
my house was a wreck; laundry was everywhere
but it all paled in comparison to the joy of loving on those kids.
it paled compared to the smile on DeShawn's face when he said "I want to become a Christian"
in the end, it all pales to the glory of God.
some days I miss it--the other (non-glory filled, meaningless) stuff seems better.
but last week, last Wednesday, the Glory of God was shining in Houston.

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