Thursday, July 14, 2011

how we got here: part 2

Saturday morning I took a final, and then Samuel and I drove to Houston to look for apartments.  We stay with his (and now my) Aunt Kima, who lives in the Woodlands. (An hour from Houston for all you non-Texans).  Saturday apartment searching didn't look too promising.

Sunday we started day two of apartment hunting.  We found our current apartment around lunchtime, and after eating lunch and discussing it.over Pappa's BBQ, we went back to sign the lease.  Oh, and yes, I needed to move in in only 6 days.  We signed the papers, worked out the details, and went back to Aunt Kima's feeling much better about this move. It was real.  I was moving to Houston. I would have a real job.  I was a grown up, and it was all happening so fast.

Monday morning we woke up and drove to Fort Worth.   The visitation was Monday; funeral was Tuesday.  My family is unique in that up until two years ago, I had all my grandparents and two great grandmothers alive.  I had never experienced family death.  If you aren't quite sure just who Nanny is, I will refer you here and here spare you the pain of that story in this one.

Wednesday we drove back to Austin.  I packed up my life belongings (and half of Sam's) on Thursday and Friday.

Friday night was Samuel's graduation party.  We ate at Saltgrass and had a wonderful time with family.  Friday night we packed up everything into the UHaul after dinner and went to bed exhausted.  It was my last night in Austin; my last night in the same city as my fiancee until we were married; I cried.

Saturday morning my (to-be) father in law (at the time), Samuel and I loaded up and got on the road at 7am.  It was surreal.  I can remember hugging my to be mother and sister in law, and thinking how in the world was I going to survive in Housotn without them.  Without Samuel.

Up until this point I was so sure of myself, so sure of our new adventure.  But in the car that morning doubt began to creep into my mind.  I knew everyone, (including Samuel at some times), thought I was crazy, and I was beginning to think they may be right.

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