Friday, July 15, 2011

how we got here: part 3

the drive was smooth. the move in was anything but.

the unit wasn't ready. the carpet was horribly stained. some of the walls needed painting. the washer and dryer were rusted. the lock on the door didn't work; I couldn't lock the door to my house. i put on a smiling face and tried to stay positive. inside, my decision to move to Houston and this apartment seemed the worst. I was anxious. I was scared. I wanted to pack it up all up and just leave. At lunchtime I knew Sam and Ben were worried to leave me there. I kept my resolve up knowing my parents were driving in from Austin and would be staying the first night with me. I wanted to just say "I made a mistake" and it would all go away.

But something better happened. Samuel and I reported all the things that were wrong to the management, and all of it was fixed the same say. Before Sam and Ben had even left, there was a new lock (and it worked!), the walls were painted, carpet had been scheduled to arrive Monday, as would brand new out-of-the box washer and dryer. 

My parents arrived Saturday night and spent that first night with me. It was so good to have them there.  

I went to work Monday morning, nervous and timid; my first real day as a "grown up". I loved my job immediatly; the people I worked with could not have been better. The Lord provided in ways beyond what I could have dreamed.

The first at home week was rough; it was lonely. It was hard to talk to Sam in the evenings sometimes; because he had family dinner, and I just wanted to talk to him. I found myself jealous for him. I stayed busy getting ready for the wedding; filling my nights. But the days passed, and time until the wedding shrunk from months to weeks, and finally days.  And then, as if it was only an instant, that time living by myself in Houston was over.

Looking back on the time leading up to Houston now--it all seems so wonderfully planned; all the details worked perfectly.  In the midst of the situation, it felt like a Houston hurricane (we have yet to expierience an acutal one of those yet).  If I had planned it the way I wanted it, life would be SO very different.  But I am daily thankful that I didn't plan it.  I'm not in control.  Becuase if I was, I would miss this; because life would be SO very different.

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