Thursday, July 7, 2011


oh, someday.  you steal joy from today.
I make wishes and lists of all the things I want.
all the things I have to have until my life really starts.
someday, you make me miss the joy of today.
you make me regret not valuing each day.
you make me miss moments in the past that I was so eager to pass.

you are the opposite of contentment.
you are vile and hold a promise you will never fulfill.
you leave me always waiting for one more day, one more thing.

so i'm trading you in.  i'll trade all the dreams of someday for today.
today is someday.  today is all that I had wished for.
today, i am blessed with
a job
a loving husband
a home
food on our table

this verse rings true in my heart today
"Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned
how to be content with whatever I have."
Philippians 4:11


  1. This is so perfect. And so true

  2. did you write that? it was beautiful; I really needed to hear that today. This is totally off subject, but If you have any extra time, I JUST started a blog of my own (and it's very new and in need of major help) so if you can drop by and give me any advice I would totally appreciate it! it's , thanks so much!


  3. I know this is rather odd connection, but it made me think about the Christmas decorations I saw at Hobby Lobby yesterday. Really?? It's not even August. Could we not skip 5 months of our lives please? It saddened me to think about how much time we spend working on the next big thing instead of what's going on today (like you said).

  4. hi. i found you via hannah's blog.

    i just wanted to say thank you for this. it was something i really needed to hear today. i've been having a lot of trouble living in the moment lately and that was the perfect reminder that i needed.

    it really is very true. and that verse is beautiful. :)

  5. I absolutely love this post...and your blog! You seem to have a very sincere spirit and vigor for life. I love that!

    I run a Christian dating blog for girls and I would love to repost this as a guest post. What do you think?

    Email me at: or see my blog at

    Thanks! Looking forward to reading more :)


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