Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Update

I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend. 
Here in the Battershell household, we had craft a palloza.
I tackled a lot of the things I had been wanting to make, and had my Mom in town to help! 
Friday I found all the materials to make homemade dish soap and laundry soap.
After searching all over, my local Kroger had every supply I needed.

We are now paying less than .03 cents a load for all of our laundry and dish washing.  Horray! (and I just noticed, yes that is Sam in the background behind all my ingredients...he is hardcore playing video games)

When Mom arrived, she brought her sewing machine and we were able to make some new napkins.  Go ahead, enjoy the gingham. Oh, and yes, I did get that fabric on clearance from hobby lobby.

And rosettes.  I have been a rosette factory this weekend.  Saturday night we went to a Houston Astros game and I sported my favorite, the coral rosette headband.  I am in love.

and the really big news:  over the weekend I have officially opened my etsy shop! You can check out all my goodies here.  You too, can have as many rosettes as your heart desires without breaking the bank. 

These are some of the goodies for sale

Happy Tuesday!  Go buy some rosettes.

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