Wednesday, June 22, 2011

crafting progress

i am in love with crafting rosettes....
and to think, my first ever was created on Saturday!

it's been a long time wish of mine to figure these pretty little flowers out, and put them on everything.
so now, I am doing just that.
well, as much as I can, at least.
but work, cooking, laundry, etc seems to be getting in the way.
if only I had a day off, I could get tons of these little babies made.
there's always saturday, right?

it's raining here today (like really raining) for the first time since January 23.
I live in Houston.
Last fall, it rained once a week.
Now it never rains.
I love the rain--good excuse for curly hair, reading a book, staying inside, and crafting!!

I can't seem to upload photos at the moment....I want to show you the fun fabric I got at hobby lobby and the few rosettes I was able to get done.
alas, I will try again later...
to work, for now...

ah for you to see!  There are the scraps I got from hobby lobby.  They were super cheap.  awesome.  thanks hl.  I have been trying to get lots of pretty little rosettes out--will be doing more this weekend! 


  1. thank you! I am honored you want to see them! I adore your blog and everything you write.

  2. Super cute! I wouldn't even know where to begin on making those!


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