Friday, June 10, 2011

Why I blog

Mr. Battershell thinks blogs can be a self-righteous way to attract attention and just talk about yourself.
and sometimes, he's right.

So why blog?

Why do I want people to read and comment?

Why do I do this thing if all it amounts to is a glorified way of saying "look at me?" 

Because I want people to know and see that it's Christ to be glorified.  Christ is glorified in my marriage, in my daily struggles, and in the small things that are really big things that make up my life. 

I blog because I want to remember.  Years down the road when our first year of marraige seems like a distant memory, I want to remember how Christ is faithful.  I am so quick to forget all the good the Lord has provided; I write all these things so I can look back and remember. 
I blog because God is faithful; and I need that reminder sometimes all the time.

This verse has been on my heart lately
Hebrews 10:23
Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.

My God is faithful, and I want my blog life to be a reflection of that.

So you will hear about the small things. The bookstore trips; the intern struggles; the day to day stuff.  Because I have a wise Mom who taught me that it's not the big things in life that are big.  It's the small stuff.  And I fear that I will forget these small things, so I blog them.  

My Mom taught me something that I think is so wise.  She said, "Don't save the fine china just for Christmas."  We used the china at my house growing up.  Often.  And I plan on using the china I have with Samuel.  My mom is a wise woman.  She understood the imporance in the mundane, everyday things.  And I want to be like her.  I want to remember. 


  1. self righteous way to talk about yourself?? SAM!!!!

    I blog because ridiculous thing happen or I say ridiculous things and people get upset if I don't blog and share them.

    (sticks tongue out at Sam)


    OH - did you want to see my new elephant teapot? OH...what Sam? You're waiting to see it's awesomeness on my blog?! yes. That's right.


    (Will shakes his head)

  2. hi! this is the first time i have been to your blog.. and i now follow. This is simply amazing! i love your honest heart and your blog is inspiring. (: As a new wife my heart is similiar to yours in which i want to document our first year (and many years to come) of our Christ-centered marriage. I hope to inspire other and to glorify God in everything i do. thank you for writing, Lauren, and i look forward to more of it. (:


  3. Love this post! It's so great to see people blogging to serve our King! You are doing a great job and have such an inspirational blog. Thanks for sharing!


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