Wednesday, June 8, 2011

what I'm looking forward to this summer

Houston has record setting heat.  Repeat: Houston has record setting heat.  Oh my goodness we are going to die.  Summer's here.  This is what we are looking forward to:

  • Enjoying long evenings at our favorite trail.  Once the temp drops below 90, of course.
  • Pool time!
  • Visitors!!!  We love visitors!!!  Our friend Michael is going to be our first summer visitor this weekend.  We are pumped. 
  • Reading.  Yes, we can read what we want year round now (Hallelujah for being out of school!) but reading in the summer seems so sweet. 
  • Cool things to eat: ice cream, popcicles, strawberries.
  • Maybe a trip down to Galveston.  Good seafood. 
  • Celebrating being married 1/2 a year!!!!!  Oh my goodness. 
What are your summer plans?  Big trips?

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