Sunday, June 5, 2011


Ah, summertime.
windows down, music blasting summertime.

Or, if you live in Houston, TX; it's an air-conditioned keep all the windows closed summer.
but you can still play some pretty sweet jams.

If you ask my husband I have poor music taste. 
But since I know you will all take my side,
I will let you in on some of the best jams you should use to fill your summer.

Best of James Taylor. You can't argue "Sweet Baby James" and "You've Got A Friend in Me"

Dave Barnes album "You the night and candlelight"...5 sweet songs to listen to with the one you love.  It reminds me of summer nights outside.

Greg Laswell "comes and goes in waves"....yes, it might be the only song I know by him....but absolutely a must listen. 

Hem: album "Rabbit Songs".  This was my go to album for the drive from Austin to Tyler when traveling to Pine Cove--it's a perfect way to relax.  Pair it with a scenic drive, you won't be disappointed.

Radiant: album "We hope you Win".  My husband, when he was my boyfriend introduced me to Radiant.  I am thankful for that gift.

The Rocket Summer: album "Do you Feel?"  This album is the essence of summer.  As in, I listened to it every day on the drive from Fort Worth to Denton for a whole summer.  Yes, the drive there and back.

There you have it.  A few new jams to spice up your summer.
You're welcome.

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