Thursday, June 16, 2011

Full of Grace

I want to be full of grace.  I want to be merciful.
My husband is wonderfully graceful and merciful. 
I'm not. 
Samuel sets a great example.  He forgives easily.  He has increcible patience.

In my human nature I want things done correctly, the first time.
I want to do it myself because it's easier.
I don't want to invest the time to teach others.

But my spirit longs for something bigger.
It longs for the hard work of becoming full of grace.
It has been my current prayer for the Lord to transform me into
someone more graceful.
Someone more like Him.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that God hears our prayers.
But He does.
And He faithfully answers.

Like, with two interns.
That test my patience and need a lot of grace. 
I have these two interns; whose summer experience will be shaped in large part by me.

and I want them to see grace; abounding grace.

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