Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I love Wednesday

The husband got hit by a plank of wood while driving in the car yesterday.  Praise the Lord he is fine--it didn't come flying through the windshield or anything...just banged up the hood of the car.  It's in the shop now getting all new and shiny like. 

SO, that means the husband drops me off  at work around 7 and picks me up around 6.  We are praying it doesn't take long to fix the car.  While I am completely happy to just have a healthly unharmed husband and fixed car, there are a few things I can daydream about while all that mo la la goes to the repair shop.

This navy tree is an 8.5 x 11 print.  I love trees and navy..this perfectly combines them. You can find it here:

I have a perfect place for this in the kitchen...if only it could be mine.  You can have it here: but then I would have a real bad case of jelly.

Adorbs.  Etsy is like crack.

This is a set of postcards with peony prints that you can get for only $15 for 10 cards.  And they are 5" x 7".  I want to frame them.  Maybe if we have no more car issues.

Happy hump day!

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